In process of updating, and just so you know.

Hi to all who might be reading this. I’ll be updating my walkthroughs for those titles that i’m playing to include the + versions for Ntt Solmare games on top of my existing post for the paid versions. Hopefully it will be done by this weekend.

It’s gonna take some time to edit my post. So kindly be patient and bear with me. Thank you <3

In general terms, this is for those anons who are asking why i do not play “insert whichever game title here”, or why i do not update “new characters”. I’m not trying to be rude here. However, i do apologize if you feel offended in what i’m about to say.

I am not some tumblr famous blog (but i still love you my lovely sweet awesome followers), so i do not get as much ask as those who does. But when i do get ask and do not reply to your ask, it’s because i’ve answered the same questions and repeated umpteen times that i am NOT a supporter of pirating games from the already small industry.

My tumblr is created out of passion for the games that i play. As much as i love gaming in the virtual world, i do have a life & a proper job in real :) I’m not being paid to provide “links to gameplays / videos” or to update according to what or when you deem fit. I’m taking time out of my own schedule to blog the things that i enjoy and as far as i am concern, this tumblr started out as a hobby.

Feel free to drop me an ask and i will reply you to the best that i can. But i really do appreciate it if you can take into consideration how it would feel like if you were in my position. Thank you very much if you took the time to read this. Here’s a for you and have a great day ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆

There a new character in 'Mononoke Kiss' can you make walkthroughs please? thanks. even other characters from ninja love such as hanko, etc.

Hi there anon, thank you for asking. I’ll be updating my Walkthroughs this weekend to include the plus version on top of the walkthroughs that i have made for the paid version of the apps. I have only started playing the Plus versions lately.

Unfortunately, i won’t be doing a Walkthrough for Ninja Love as i won’t be playing that game due to time constraints.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
hey~ i just wanna ask are you playing my forged wedding party too?

Hi there anon! Yes i am playing my forged wedding :) I go by the player name Chiharu :)

Monday, July 21, 2014
Sunday, July 20, 2014
«10 Days With My Devil» Sub Story - Kakeru Kamui Special Story CG (Non-Gree)

«10 Days With My Devil» Sub Story - Kakeru Kamui Special Story CG (Non-Gree)

«My Forged Wedding» Scene from Ren Shibasaki - Season 2 Wedding Bells Epilogue (Non-Gree)

I think i would have the same reaction as MC >.<

Saturday, July 19, 2014
I need you help invitation ids love letter form the thief

Hi there Anon, thank you for asking.

I’m assuming that you are talking about the Japanese version of the Social App - Love letter from thief X. Unfortunately i can’t help you with that as i do not play any Japanese version of voltage inc apps. I’ve checked the app store and i don’t think that the Non Gree English version have been updated. Feel free to drop me an another ask if it’s not what you have in mind. Once again, thank you for asking.

Friday, July 18, 2014
Hi. May I ask how can I access the special image for His POV Kissed by the Baddest Bidder please? Sorry. I must be blind or something.

Hi there anon! Thank you for asking :)


Under the sub story tab, there is the Images button. You can access your sub story images from there!

When you enter that page, you can see that you are in the image gallery of the sub story at the top left corner. I hope this has helped you!

«In Your Arms Tonight» Scene from Koichi Natsukawa Sub Story - For My Future Wife (Non-Gree)

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