Sunday, April 20, 2014

«Love Letter From Thief X» Kenshi Inagaki & Riki Yanase - Scene from Atsumu Kawashibara Sequel (Non-Gree)

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Um for monoke kiss can you give the correct answers I don't want to guess and I got one answer correct that was from guessing

Hi anon, the Mononoke Kiss answers are for the app version of the story. It’s not for Mononoke Kiss+. The answers I have provided are the correct answers to get the Sweet Love Ending. Perhaps you are looking for answers for the plus version and not the app version.

«Shall We Date: Never Look Back» New Release!

The wait is over for iOS users ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ
Thank you in advance if you use my game invite id: C6zQYrzBQs

Will you make a walkthrough for all guys in My Candy Love by beemov?

Hi Anon, Thank you for asking. I’ve received an ask that’s similar to what you are asking just recently. I do apologize that the probability of me making a guide for My Candy Love is really low, as i have quite a bit of games to catch up on for titles from Voltage Inc & Ntt Solmare. Work is taking up a lot of my time so it’s difficult for me find time to play much.

However, i do know of a site that you can probably ask your questions for My Candy Love. The owner of the site, kizmetcandy is really friendly. You can visit her tumblr here!

My apologies that i can’t be of much here. But thank you very much for asking :)

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